I specialise in 3D Math, WebGL, Javascript, and mobile technology...
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CREATIVE GUIDEBOOK I was lead developer of Google's Creative Guidebook, for WeAreHive.

I wrote the 3D / HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript graphics engine (hand coded), and created the pop-up book folding logic and math code.

The project won several awards:

I was lead developer of Google's Creative GuidebookX
CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST I worked as a technology consultant for Toaster within Google's BrandHack workshops throughout Asia-Pacifc (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines).

Client facing role.

Responsibilities include advising on technical feasibility of solutions, debriefng London teams for prototype development, and pitch-back of technical presentations.
I was a technology consultant at Google's BrandhacksX
ASUS Senior Freelance developer for More Yellow, responsible for the development, and game logic of a series of WebGL games for Asus Dream Game campaign.

Game 1 - Accuracy
Game 2 - Speed
Game 3 - Focus
Game 4 - Intelligence
I developed the WebGL games for Asus Dream GameX
REFLEX Design and programming of 3D intro effect.
In depth After Effects scripting to create a 3D floating text intro for this independent film. Text floats in a randomized Brownian motion, coming together to form words before breaking apart again.
After Effects scripting and design for title sequence.X
OOZ3D As a side project, I have been developing a browser-based 3D modelling application (Javascript, PHP, WebGL).

It features a mesh editor, texturer, rig editor, animator, and inverse kinematic solver for handling joints.

It also contains a canvas-based GUI to display and scroll through thousands of data points and coordinates, (without the slowdown you get if doing this using HTML / ShadowDOM based approaches like ReactJS ).

I have developed a browser-based 3D modelling app.X
MADE WITH CODE Senior Developer on Google's "Made With Code: Love" for Nexus

Wrote shaders GLSL and extended the ThreeJS JavaScript renderer. I wrote code to dynamically load and time-sync live data for a projection event to 5 seconds of error.

Senior Developer on Google's "Made With Code: Love"X
CUB An art experiment in procedural programming and minimalist algorithms, in under 200kb.

All of the textures, geometry, sound FX, waves, drums, song arrangement are generated procedurally at run-time with math and javascript. There are no assets on the page beyond the code.

The entire experience (3D engine, webGL renderer, particles, physics, sound sequencer, game logic, html/css) has been hand-coded and uses no libraries, or frameworks.

Chrome Experiment in procedural programming. PLAYX
FLO Another art and music experiment I coded, just for fun, using Javascript / WebGL / Webcam / dynamic Audio.

A fluid particle simulation, using a dynamic vector field for the motion, and webcam motion detection / mouse for interaction.

Sounds are created dynamically based on the particle motion, so it can be played almost like an instrument. Audio frequencies are snapped to major scale notes, to harmonize.

An art, music, fluid particle simulation. PLAYX
STUNTPOWERFILMS I've coded many different 3D websites over the years.

Including versions in CSS3, WebGL, Flash, SVG, and Canvas. Some are video, particles, smashing glass, glitch shaders, and more.

Another 3D websiteX
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